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We have delivered a range of engagement events and activities across 2016 and are planning to host more in 2017.

If you are interested in being part of these events, the Generator Community or just learning a bit more about what we are trying to achieve, please register your interest with us at the end of this site.

At the Generator CIC our vision is to develop and support a creative community that will help individuals, start-ups, and small companies from across the creative sectors to thrive in Loughborough. We want to see them excel in an expanding creative economy that will add to a reinvigorated town centre.

The Generator will encourage the growth of emerging creative businesses, and hold events, exhibitions and training. We will work to stimulate confidence, develop ability, and sustain creative practice in the locality.

We will inspire young people, particularly those that are not engaged in employment or education, to consider a career in the creative sector through placements, work experience, and apprenticeships.

We will engage with and invite our local communities to participate and collaborate in our open activities, and we will actively promote The Generator as a dynamic, creative community hub for Loughborough and beyond.

Restore and share the historical site that is 12 Frederick Street with the local and wider communities, encouraging participation, learning and new discoveries together.

Working with others in Charnwood, as well as regionally and further afield, we will create exciting opportunities for individuals and groups to connect, collaborate and share.

Aspirational Opening


Recent Events

We will worked with STEALTH.unlimited (architects Marc and Ana from Rotterdam) who helped us to transform The Generator’s Gallery space on Packe Street, Loughborough temporarily.

Across the weekend event (Friday 30th September – Sunday 2nd October), we opened the space to the public and hosted discussions, performances, exhibitions and pop-up opportunities for creative artists and businesses to share their work with the wider community.

The programme continues to be supported  by CVAN EM’s ‘The Start of Something‘ collaborative conversation project.

This event was held across

30th September – 2nd October 2016

What we will be offering

A Place to Work

The building will be re-purposed and used by member businesses and other individuals. It will creative offices, co-working spaces, a hot-desking system, workshop and exhibition space, meeting rooms, and a bar/restaurant which can be used for work, meetings or just for a drop-in cup of coffee.

Help & Support

Workshops and training sessions will be provided so that tenants and members can develop their businesses or creative practices in order to help grow and strengthen the local economy. We are also looking to offer placement opportunities with the businesses based at The Generator to the region’s young people.

Events, Exhibitions & History

Exciting, new programmes will be delivered in order to encourage the wider public to interact with The Generator’s community.

These will include open events such as exhibitions, talks, and film screenings, along with an active historical programme as we bring the building back to life.

We want to share the history of Frederick Street with as many people as possible, the impact it has had on the town and community over the years and how we hope to continue this for the future.

Industry & Economy

The Board of Directors and our external partners truly believe that The Generator will make a fundamental mark on the creative industry and the local economy.

It will bring a wealth of talent to Loughborough and retain it, harnessing the potential of the town’s creative industry and the next generation. Working together to generate growth and security across the region.


The Generator, Loughborough (CIC) Board, along with our project manager, John Leney, have made several applications to various funding pots. While some of these have been successful, others are yet to be awarded to this regeneration project.

However, we have been invited to re-submit our requests with positive support from all funders that we have applied to.

Here is what we have done so far:

As a Community Interest Company, our thinking sits outside of the box and goes beyond the building in a bid to develop a wider, creative vision for the town and we hope that you will join us in this process.

  • Partnership

    Came together as an initial partnership to share ideas

  • Social Investment Business

    Received funding for pre–feasibility report from Social Investment Business (SIB)

  • Initial Consultation

    Engaged over 240 local creative practitioners and businesses in initial consultation

  • Loughborough University

    Asked Loughborough University to support our plan and consider contributing the former LUSAD Foundation building on Frederick Street

  • Full Feasibility Report

    Received further funding to develop full feasibility report (SIB)

  • Community Interest Company

    Formed a Community Interest Company with eight local and regionally based directors

  • Funding for Project Manager

    Received funding for a project manager from Charnwood Borough Council and the Leicester and Leicestershire Economic Partnership LLEP

  • Project Manager on Board

    Engaged project manager John Leney

  • Market Town & Stealth

    Formal inclusion in the Market Town and Stealth programme

  • Stealth

    Intensive three day consultation with Stealth architects at Fearon Hall

  • Building Surverys

    Agreement from Loughborough University to progress surveys on the building

  • ’Start of Something’

    Application to CVAN (Creative Visual Arts Network East Midlands) and acceptance on to the ‘Start of Something’ programme.

  • Long-Term Lease

    Agreement to a long-term lease of the Frederick Street building (upon completion of building works)

  • Funding Applications

    Applications to funding rounds HLF, LLEP and Charnwood Growth Fund

  • Launch of Strategy

    Launch of web site and marketing strategy to engage community interest and build The Generator community.

  • Sparking the Generator

    A special weekend of events in collaboration with RADAR & Stealth

  • Recording and sharing the history


The Generator building, located at 12 Frederick Street, is the site of the first British Technical University which was established in Loughborough in 1966. It is part of the town’s history, and its unique role as one of the early power stations plus its previous identity as the School of the Arts mean that it is an icon for both industry and creativity. This ethos is what will generate a new community to power the town.

The Generator, Loughborough (CIC) is a recently-formed organisation. We bring together individuals and partners with a long record and quality reputation of working in the Arts, in business and in the creative industries. Our networks and achievements span local, regional, national and international dimensions.

Work on bringing The Generator building to life began a number of years ago when Arts Council England supported Charnwood Arts’ bid to make it into a creative community space. Although this proved unsuccessful, they have continued to fight for The Generator’s life and engaged new partners in this passion to make the building useable again.

In early 2015, a feasibility study was undertaken on behalf of The Generator, Loughborough (CIC). This included proposals to insert an additional storey level to the main building (making it a five-storey structure), as well as a new mezzanine floor level within The Generator’s Hall. The study included significant consultation with the SME sector in Loughborough and identified considerable demand for the type of accommodation that could be offered at Frederick Street. The projected capital cost was millions and it became clear that this project presented considerable technical, practical, and logistical difficulties. Plans have since been revised and consist of a refurbishment scheme that is based on the existing floor plan of the building. There are no additions or extensions. We aim to restore the accommodation to its original open-plan format; existing internal partitions will be removed and all structural elements and fixtures will be upgraded.
Over the past two years, the people with the passion for making the building useable again have been working hard to come up a realistic cost and plan for this repurpose of 12 Frederick Street. They understand the building’s iconic stature and have a vision for maintain and growing the creative endeavours of the town and its people. A series of consultation sessions with the local creative sector confirmed the considerable interest and demand in this redevelopment.

The Generator, Loughborough will contribute to community cohesion locally, as well as to the Arts Council’s national campaign: ‘A Creative Case for Diversity’. Driven by the town’s community, The Generator, Loughborough will be a catalyst for the retention of talent, the development of new businesses and practices, and a hub for growth of the creative economy in Loughborough.
The Generator, Loughborough will bring together a unique blend of expertise across business, the Arts and media, the health and wellbeing sector, and will create a wealth of opportunities and new markets for this emerging community. The synergy of these relationships will result in innovative collaborations; stimulating new ways of working in business, the Arts, culture and the public sphere.

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